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We Support APNCC National Board Certifcation

The oldest and most trusted certification in the industry. Our APNCC Certified team of Instructors is led by
M. Celeste Chase, AC-Edu-BC, ACC, CDP, CMDCP
With Over 15 years experience in the Activity Profession as an Educator with the APNCC Celeste hosts a weekly Newsletter, "The Consultants Help Desk" and is one of the most knowledgable Instructors in the industry. Specialized in Memory Care and AdultDay Health.

NAPT National Activity Professionals Training Course

Our NAPT Course provides the training and CE requirements, both Published and Live for the APNCC Standards as required. National Certification Training classes start the 1st Tuesday of every month. The APNCC has reWritten their Standards in 2020 to accomadate the Stay at Home , Online Certification to fit a Changing World. Current Courses are old school, written in the 70's-80's they contain Interviews, off campus visits, a format that will not work during these times. Entertainers, Volunteers, even Family Visits may not ever be the same. This course concentrates on the AD Job duties and fullfilling those with 0 deficencies. "From Classroom to Nationial Certification, Let Us Help".

Activity Professional Training - for APNCC National Certifcation

The National Activity Professionals Credentialing Council APNCC. The APNCC National Certification is accepted by - The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid State Surveyors for Regulation F680 listed in the surveyor guidelines for Skilled Nursing Facilities, Adult DayCare, Assisted Living, Long Term Care, Dementia Care. The Activity Professionals’ National Credentialing Center (APNCC) was formed in January of 2011, they are the oldest and most trusted independent body exclusively for the purpose of credentialing Activity Professionals that meet the standards and requirements set forth by the Center. They are the only credentialing body for Activity Professionals that follow the standards set forth by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). We do not educate nor require any specific course or class. All Activity Professionals will need to successfully pass the competency exam to be issued a National Board Certification. The certifications recognized under CMS F Tag 680 are the APNCC AP-BC & AC-BC, CTRS, OTR, and COTA.

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Online Classes are the future becoming the way of the day. A classroom consists of students joining in on a weekly topic, in an Online Forum, sharing ideas in an Online Chat, Uploading homework and Open "Computer" tests.. Things aren't the same... they're better!

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Classes Start the 1st Tuesday of each Month

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